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11 August 1988
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Hey there! I'm a 19 year-old girl with a love for anime, videogames, movies, and Japanese music. That's why I've dedicated this journal as a place to store icons I make of my interests. I am however different from the hundreds of other anime/j-music graphic makers because all of my resources are my own. I do this because there are a lot of people who use someone else's brushes or templates and display that person's creativity instead of their own and I want to be nothing like them. I do have image resources though mainly of scans (or screencaps when I'm lazy) so please check them out below. I will do requests and things for everyone and anyone as long as they're Bodhisattva Catherdral members (^_~ so join).

-Don't modify
-Don't claim as your own
-Don't hotlink
-Tell me which you're taking
-Credit me

Where'd you get that brush/texture/etc.?
I make everything myself.

Will you send me that brush/texture/etc. or teach me how to make them?
Resources made by me as well as tutorials are for friends only. If you want me to friend you, comment anywhere on my journal saying so, but first you'll have to prove to me on your journal that you are responsible enough to list all your resources.

Can I add you to my friends list?
Please do. T_T my journal's so lonely.



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